Company Profile

We are castings and forgings metal products suppliers to Europe and North America Market  for more 10 years,We are strong in  following process :

  • -Sodium Silicate Lost Wax Casting (Water Glass Lost Wax)

  • -Ceremic Lost Wax pocess

  • -Quick Dry Lost Wax(Which is new Technology, can achive CT7, with better surface than normal sodium silicate lost wax)

  • -Shell Moulding Process

  • -Sand Casting process

  • -Vaccum Casting Process

  •        -Material:  Normal Carbon steel, Alloyed Steel, Stainless steel, Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, Counterweight. 

Surface treatment: 

We are able to do liquid painting, KTL, Dacromet,  Zinc Plating(72 hours salt sparying test, if with film protection, can be 200 hours), Hot Dip Galvanizing(200 hours salt spraying test ), Zinc Diffusion(500 hours salt spraying test),  Powder coating and Nicle Diffusion(1000 hours salt spraying test) 

Business Scope:

We have been supplying to castings and forgings to  Truck manufactures, Trailer manufactures, Agriculture equipemnt manufactures, Railway industries, Heavy construction equipment manufactures, passenger car components, Scafolding Manufacturies and Shipbuilding industry etc.


We have Spectrometers, X-Ray, MT, UT, Hardness Machine, Tensile Machine ,Charpy test, CMM etc.

Delivery time:

Because our production facility located in middle part of China,  less enviromental policy incluence and our foundries are relatively well euipped, production can go on in spite of what weather it is. 

Which enbale us to gaurantee relatively reliable delivery time to our customers.

Advantages with us:

              -Reliable and Constance quality---Our quality team make sure that our cusotmers have right quality.

        -Competitive  price---production cost is lower than east part of China.

        -Flexible and fast reaction---our team is working hard to get best service to our customers.

        -One Stop Shopping---we try to help customer to do sourcing as well in China without extra cost when buying through us or directly from foundry.

        -Responsibility----In case of our fault in quality and delivery, we always take our responsibility with our customers, no discussions.

We are looking forward to starting corporation and make friends with you!

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